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Commercial Security Services in Phoenix & Tempe

B and M not only offers commercial security systems, but also home alarm systems. We also offer commercial access control systems, data cabling, PA systems, App control, business automation, Video camera installation, CCTV & IP cameras, network cabling, audio visual systems, and telecommunication services. We install the best commercial security systems Arizona has to offer. Give us a call today at 480-458-5540 for commercial security installation in Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, Glendale, Queen Creek, Mesa and Fountain Hills, Arizona.  Click here for our monitoring rates.

Tempe Commercial Security Systems Phoenix

Commercial Low Voltage Security

B and M Communications specializes in commercial low voltage security systems for business. Control you commercial alarm system and get real time alerts. Our commercial automation systems give you total access and control of your security system from your smart phone or tablet. Read More

Commercial Security Systems Tempe AZ

Commercial Automation Services

B and M Communcation’s commercial automation services will connect many devices in your business, such as lights, locks and thermostats to be controlled from your computer, smartphone. or tablet. You will have advanced control of your commercial security system like never before. Read More

Commercial Security Systems Powered By Alarm.com Tempe AZ

Security Systems by Alarm.com

Alarm.com enables you to always be in the know of whats happening at your business. With our state of the art commercial alarm systems, you will be able to see live video monitoring and control your lights, locks, and thermostats from your smartphone. Giving you more control over your businesses than ever before. Read More

Commercial Security Cameras & Surveillance Systems

Commercial facility owners can rest easier with commercial video cameras and surveillance systems. They enable you to see any potential threat to your property, prevent theft and watch your employees while your out of the building. Staff is less likely to attempt stealing when they know they are being watched and recorded. Video surveillance with HD footage is even better because they can protect against false claims of employee mistreatment of sexual harassment and bogus lawsuits. If you are a commercial facility owner, it is great to know that you don’t have to be in your building 24 hours a day to feel protected and safe. Commercial security cameras let you get out of the building and into the world without missing whats going on at your facility.

Benefits of Commercial Security Cameras

  • Keep burglars out
  • Reduce employee theft
  • Watch your business from your device 24/7
  • Monitor your business workflow
  • See who is in or outside of your building at all times
  • Lower commercial insurance cost for your building
  • Avoid frivolous lawsuits
  • Creates a safer work environment

Learn more about our Commercial Surveillance Systems here

Benefits of Commercial Security Systems

  • Has its own dedicated wireless connection – no phone or broadband line required (burglars cant cut the wire because there isn’t one, you are connected wirelessly through you system)
  • Breakthrough image sensor for visual verification
  • Patented smash and crash protection
  • Remote control of locks, lights, and thermostat
  • Outdoor & Indoor HD video cameras
  • Full suite of free mobile apps
  • Garage door automation and remote control
  • Seamless integration of all services

Commercial Security Systems Advantages

Reduce Theft 

By having a camera system professionally installed you will also be cutting down on the amount of shoplifting that goes on in your business. A professionally installer can set it up so there is a spot monitor seen by the customers as they are entering the business, which will go a long ways in the reduction of shoplifting, for when they see themselves on the spot monitor they will have second thoughts about shoplifting. Can fake security signs keep burglars out?

Lower Insurance Premiums 

Many insurance providers insist on businesses having some form of security protection for the facility before they will insure you, however, they will usually give you a bigger discount if your business is equipped with security protection for your business facility, which will lower your premiums and your monthly payments.

Keep An Eye On Your Operations

Additionally, having a camera in use would also increase employee productivity, and customer service would also benefit from them. Your employees performance will increase if they feel they are being watch, that is why the system would have to be used pro-actively, making employees feel as though the owner is watch and/or reviewing the video all the time.

Click the link to read more about the benefits of commercial security systems.

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Commercial Markets Served

  • Healthcare Security – Leaders in commercial healthcare security systems, sales, service and design.With many major customers and years of experience in dedicated service and support.

  • Education Security – Cable infrastructure, commercial security, lockdown, paging, phone, Audio visual systems and wireless data communications. We can provide a total solution for any school.

  • Gaming Security – Badged Access control systems, CCTV Solutions and integrations, Badging systems and supplies for Tribal Gaming Organizations.

  • Industrial & Commercial Security – Commercial security systems for small offices, to large warehouse and manufacturing facility’s. We have done it all.

  • Retail Security – Protect your inventory and your staff with a burglar alarm or camera system.

Commercial Products and Services:

Sales Service Support and Design for all of the products below.

Commercial Automation

  • Access control systems – Maxxess, Imron, Kantech, Keri systems. Systems designed for you to fit your specifics needs and budgetary constraints.

  • Electrified door hardware – Locksmith services available. ASSA Abloy products to meet your facility’s requirements. Long lasting durable locking solutions.

  • Lighting control – Light switches, Plug in modules, dimmers, scene control, group control of lights, for all lighting types. Panelized and wireless solutions.

  • Automatic Blinds and shades – bring in more ambient light in the day! Beauty and elegance! Custom designed blinds and shades. Call for more information.

  • Alarm systems – Wired, wireless, cellular, APP control- Systems and features customized for your specific needs. Service for existing DSC, Honeywell, GE and 2 GIG systems available. Track usage and make sure your business is secure.

  • Audio Visual systems – Home Theater, TVs, touchscreens, meeting room AV systems.Digital signage and specialized content players for your specific needs. Custom installation and solutions for our customers.

  • IP CCTV systems –  remote viewing capabilities.Superior technology long lasting durable systems. Scalable systems onsite and cloud solutions available.

  • Consumer electronics sales – Sales and installation of most major brands available.

  • Speakers – wired, wireless, ceiling, soundbars, subwoofers.

Commercial Network

  • Routers – Update your router to one that really works! No more drop-offs or having to reset the router. Firewall Routers for business. Long range network extenders and bridges.

  • Wireless Access Points – Need to extend that Wifi Signal?

  • Network switches – connect all of your wired devices. Build your network the right way and you will be amazed at the performance you get.

  • Network cabling, jacks and closet buildout – Low Voltage cabling racks, patch panels.

  • Public Address systems for large event centers and conference rooms.

  • Paging systems for overhead telephone paging.

  • Phone Jacks and cabling – you know you need that fax line run to the office, we can help.

  • Music services and systems available!

Commercial TV Services

  • Universal remotes – IPad, phone control, touchscreens. To control your TVs Stereos, Lights HVAC everything.

  • Televisions – We can mount them on the wall for you!

  • Coax Jacks and cable runs – need an added jack?

  • Connection of all devices.

  • Cables fittings and connectors – HDMI cables, Audio cables, RGB cables, any configuration. Cheaper than the store! We can help.