Frequently Asked Alarm Questions | B and M Communications, LLC | Phoenix, Arizona Security Systems & Much More!

For DSC alarms refer to your manual, If you don’t have one see our customer page to find yours. Press *2 and refer to the trouble conditions in the manual, when you have seen the trouble press # to exit. For Ademco the trouble should show on the keypad and make you acknowledge it prior to being able to arm it. Press your code plus the off or 1 key to clear.

Some basic troubles are phone line trouble (check your phone), AC power fail (check your power) and Low battery( batteries last around 3 years). If these conditions persist please call us for service. If you see general systems troubles or call for service this trouble requires a service call.

For Ademco press your code plus the instant key. For DSC press * 9 then your code.
For DSC Press “*1” then the zone number in a two digit format (i.e. zone 1 =01) then # prior to arming. After you disarm the system the bypass will clear automatically. For Ademco Press your code plus the bypass button plus the zone number to be bypassed in two digit format prior to arming.
Please verify your router settings have not changed. If your router lost power or was replaced the device may need a new IP number. If you still have problems please contact us for help.

For any other questions please call us Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm or fill out our contact forms.

Service Rates:
Alarm, telecommunications assesment: $80.00 (not an hourly fee)
CCTV or Access control assesment: $90.00 (not an hourly fee)
Audio/Video: $90.00 (not an hourly fee)