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Can Security Signs Keep Burglars Out?

Can Security Signs Keep Burglars Out

If you searching for the answer to the question “Can Security Signs Keep Burglars Out?” this post should help! We also show you alternatives ways to keep your home safe without installing fake security signs.

A sticker and yard sign that state your home is protected by security systems may scare off any potential burglars. Normally, a thief will look for a home that has easy escape and entry, but a security system doesn’t allow that to happen. Now the big question is whether you should actually fake a home security system or install secure equipment. Take a look at the pros and cons of a fake security system and explore other ways that you can make your property more secure.

Benefits and Risks of Using Fake Security Signs

Pros: Let’s start out with the good news. There are plenty of benefits of a fake home security system, which include:

  • The biggest benefit of a yard sign and window sticker instead of a home security system is that it is a lot cheaper. Buying stickers and signs with home security logos on them may cost around $10, and many of them can be bought online.
  • It is a time investment. It only takes a few minutes to put stickers on your windows and doors and put some signs in your yard. You won’t even break a sweat doing this.
  • It could actually work. Depending on if you have a gun-shy or brazen thief, this could work. Could being the main word here, but faking it may be enough to really spook off intruders.

Cons: You have probably heard that saying about “you get what you pay for”. When you fake a home security system, that may apply to you. Consider the risks below before you decide to test your luck with a fake sign.

  • The signs may not look too convincing. Fake security system signs could have brands on them that sound or even look fake or it could not have a brand on it. If you go this route, ensure that your sign looks real.
  • You may be outsmarted. A smart thief may google the company on your sign and verify the authenticity. If it looks fake to them, then your cover is blown.
  • You could land in legal trouble. There are some legal issues for unauthorized use of any copyrighted material, so ensure that you aren’t infringing on the company’s name before it is used on your home.
  • Nothing happens if your home is broken into. If you have a home security system, it will actually alert the monitoring system and you of a breach. Without that, the thief will call your bluff and take off with your stuff.

Alternatives to Fake Signs

Faking having a home security system is about as cheap as it gets and its risky. Luckily, there are some middle options for security and costs before you decide to get a full home security system that can keep you safe. Below are some options to consider before going to the fake sign route:

Install An Actual Security System

An actual home security system will protect you and your home from a break in, plus it alerts the authorities to other types of emergencies like flooding, fires, and even power outages. It also stops theft too. A home security system often comes with cameras that a thief can see and you can see them then it has alarms that make a lot of noise. There are some security systems that have 24-hour monitoring, and even have certain guarantees that will cover your home in case there is a break in. You can buy a home security system and have the most protection and hopefully be able to scare off some thieves before they are able to break into your home and do damage.

Get a Dog.

Dogs are the first security system and are called mans best friend for a reason. They are a reliable deterrent to any intruder, even a small dog can make a lot of noise to scare away a thief. Not to mention, dogs improve your health. Studies have shown that if you own a dog, you are less likely to have depression. So Fido adds to your wellness, safety and health in a lot of ways.

Landscape Wisely.

Although it may be tempting to add shrubs or bushes right below your windows for privacy, and looks, it actually gives a burglar a place to hide when they are looking at your home. Get rid of any type of thick or tall plants so that there is a clear view to your windows and doors on the property. If a burglar feels nervous, they may skip your house.

Get Motion Detecting Outdoor Lights.

Nothing will make a thief high-tail it quicker than a bunch of really bright lights shining in the dark. If you have outer windows or doors that are hidden from view, add your motion sensor lights there. This doesn’t need a full security system and can be bought for cheap. You can find them on Amazon for around $20 +. Find the one that works for you by comparing the lights with our guide.

Install Door & Window Alarms

You don’t have to spend tons of cash for home security. You can get battery operated, motion detecting alarms for doors and windows for about $10 each. If they try to open a door or window when they are armed, then it gets loud. At night, it will wake you up to call the cops. During the day, it makes burglars run because their cover is blown.

Install Smart Locks.

There are locks out there that use more than just a key. You can purchase a smart lock that will let you ensure your home is safe when you are away. You can use an app to lock and unlock your door from anywhere. If your loved ones forget their key and are needing in, you can help them to get inside. If you believe you forgot to lock the door, you can do it from your smart device. There are even smart locks that will let you know when the door has been unlocked and who unlocked it. This technology isn’t cost friendly, many smart locks will have prices that run about $175, but it gives you peace of mind and convenience.

Install Fake Security Cameras.

This is similar to a fake sign, but it could be enough to keep the burglars away. You can purchase these on Amazon for about $10 and help to deter intruders. They look real and have red blinking lights that help. Although, just like your signs, the burglar may find out that its fake and break in. It is an easy and cheap idea to consider if you don’t want other security measures. If you do this, put the cameras by the doors and visible points such as the garage where they will be seen by the burglar.

Look Like You Are At Home.

It isn’t likely that someone will break in if they think you are home. Park your car in the driveway instead of garage and show that you are around, even if you are away. Leave a light on at night that can be seen through a window. You can even purchase smart lights that turn on at certain times which make it look like your there when you are not.

Keep Burglars Out With A Residential Security System

If you want to keep burglars out the right way, contact B and M Communications today for security system installation services. We provide access control systems, network & communication services, security cameras, residential and commercial security systems in the Tempe, Arizona area and would be happy to help protect your home.