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Home & Commercial Security Camera Installation

If you are searching for “Home Security Camera Installation“, “Commercial Security Camera Installation“, “Security Cameras Installation“, “Professional Security Camera Installation” or “Surveillance Camera Installation” in Phoenix, Tempe or Queen Creek,  BandM Communications can help! Furthermore, if you already have old surveillance equipment installed, we can upgrade your current system to a newer, more function system that can be controlled via your Smartphone, Tablet, or Laptop.

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Security Camera Installation In Phoenix, Tempe & Queen Creek

We offer anything from entry level video cameras to Full HD video camera systems with IP access so you can view what’s going on at your home or business while you are away. We currently offer home & commercial security camera installation in Phoenix, Tempe and Queen Creek, Arizona. 

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Home Security Camera Installation

Homeowners can see who is on their property and see what they are doing. You can also watch your children playing inside your home or outdoors. In the event that your home gets broken into, you will have the entire recording to provide the police to help them catch the criminals. Residential video cameras are also great for watching your babysitter interact with your children. Want to ensure the pool guy is coming every week? They work good for that too. Also, during Christmas time thief’s steel packages (gifts) left outside of homes by FED EX or UPS drivers. Wouldn’t it be nice to see the face of the thief that took your package?

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Home Security Camera Installation Benefits

There are many benefits of installing home and commercial security cameras in Tempe, Arizona. Here are the top benefits just to name a few.

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  • Deter Crime
  • Monitor whats going on in your home
  • Gather Evidence
  • Keep Video Records
  • Lowers homeowners insurance
  • Hold household staff accountable

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Commercial Security Camera Installation

Business owners can breathe easier with commercial video surveillance. It enables you to see any threat to your property, watch employees, and prevent theft. Employees are a lot less likely to steal when they know they are being recorded. Video surveillance equipment is also great when using HD footage because it protects against false claims of sexual harassment, employee mistreatment and bogus lawsuits. If you are a business owner, it’s nice to know that you don’t have to be at your facility 24/7. Video cameras let you venture off into the world without missing a beat, while also being able to see what’s going on at your location with the click of a button.

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Commercial Security Camera Installation Benefits

Purchasing surveillance cameras for your business that is going to be reliable, could end up giving you a higher yield on your return investment. 

Tempe Business owners can reap the benefits by having video surveillance cameras. Video surveillance cameras help to protect your business from out-side break-ins, and burglaries, in fact, they also play a role in the sustainability of your business by making the workplace a safer place to be working. To put it simply, by purchasing a couple of video surveillance cameras for the security of a business could end up letting you reap the rewards from having higher returns on your investments.

Reduce the amount of Employee Theft that may be going on in your business:

Naturally, it is something you would rather not believe could happen, yet, it does now and then. Yes, it is devastating to contemplate that your own employees would actually be stealing from you, however, employees do steal from their employers more than you might believe. There are approximately 75% of employees in today’s world who steal from their workplace, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. In today’s world of advanced technology and the low cost of living allowances, there is only one way to be certain that it is not happening to you, which is to setup video surveillance cameras inside your business and only then will you know for sure. Also, just by your employees knowing your business has surveillance cameras will make them think twice before taking the risk.

The insurance costs for your business will decrease:

This is one sure fire way to get your business insurance costs to go down. This is because most insurance companies will offer discounts if you purchase and install video surveillance cameras in your business, and sometimes for having them installed in the office where you work. If you are a business owner, it is the most important thing you can do for your business and for an insurance premium you want mind paying for. When you install an indoor and/or an outdoor video surveillance camera, you are reassuring your insurance provider that you are responsible enough to take whatever steps are necessary in order to protect your business from theft, and in the long run, you will be creating a better environment to be working in. This will make your business suddenly seem less of a burden (liability) on the insurance provider as well.

Now you can monitor your businesses workflow:

Do your employees actually spend all those hours on the job working, doing what they were hired to do? Well, now you can find out! That’s because employee monitoring was not meant just to have a record of thefts, and with the right type of surveillance cameras you will be able to find out just who it is you can trust and who you should not trust. It will also give you an opportunity to figure out ways to boost your employee’s morale. Surveillance cameras are an advantage for retail business owners, as they can also use these for estimating whether or not you have enough workers or if you might need to hire a few more. It only takes a few minutes of video to teach you so much about a business’s operational model.

Want to avoid frivolous lawsuits?

Again, yes, this stuff does happen, and it is happening every day in someone’s business. Do not let yourself get played by an employee who fakes being injured by a (fake) slip and fall on the floor of your business. This is another one of those benefits or advantages you will have by installing video surveillance cameras in your business. Surveillance cameras are good for more than catching burglars, or an employee that may be taking from your business, it is also helpful for things such as: physical fights on the premises, whether or not it is between employees or customers, or maybe between the customer and an employee, your evidence in case of any harassment claims are filed against you, including spawn lawsuits. Having video surveillance cameras would be an integral part of protecting you, your employees, and your business

A safer work environment:

It is just as important that your employees are protected as it is for your business to be protected. All of this can be a reality for you by installing your video surveillance cameras as follows: Mount a camera at all of the entrances, including all the exits. Also, in the parking lot, to create a safer environment for your customers as well. This is going to help your employees and customers a like to feel more comfortable walking to their vehicle after dark. It can also keep someone from breaking and entering your employees and customer’s vehicles, from vandalism, among many other petty crimes that may go on.

Remember, having security cameras has more benefits than catching criminals. The truth be told, they are designed to monitor your company or business and your employees, and to secure and protect you, your business, and your employees, as well as your customers. Want to discover how easy it really is to safeguard the assets of your business, and to keep your employees and your customers safer on a daily basis? All of this just from installing a video surveillance camera in your business!

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Security Camera Systems Of Any Size!

We can install video camera systems of any size! Need 4 cameras? no problem! Need 100 cameras? No Job is too big or small for the video surveillance experts at BandM Communications. We provide the Best HD Day/Night Video Cameras in the Tempe & Phoenix area. Our security experts are trained to know exactly how to help you set up your system to view from your Android or Iphone, Tablet, or Laptop.

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Schedule Your Security Camera Installation In Phoenix, Tempe & Queen Creek, Arizona

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