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Seamless Integration:

BandMCommuncations will connect as many of the key devices in your home as you want making it responsive and under your control, this is something you cannot get out of a standalone solution.  BandMCommuncations is the platform of intelligent services and is the foundation on which your home connection is going to be. It will give you total access and advanced control, with more awareness and reliability. It is a state of the art, and the newest in technology.
It’s great, it lets you control your entire system and you only have to have the one app, now that’s convenience for you. The more often you connect, the more you will be able to do with your house.

One Smart App:

You can continuously be connected with your business and your home when using our mobile apps, they are rated as top of the line. It makes monitoring your home and business easy. Having all of your devices makes things much more convenient. BandMCommuncations is a reliable business, and trusted by those who gave it a try, and there are already millions who download, and millions of users who are enjoying the benefits of it.

Mobile & Tablet:

New technology has made it possible to use one screen to access one’s smart-home. You can now do all of the following:

  • Be alerted instantly when things happen.
  • Be in control of all the connected devices you have.
  • Keep an eye on your homes status from one screen.
  • View videos, recorded or live!
  • Manage Smart Schedules and custom alerts, you just have to set it up.

This is available for the iPad iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android. And it is accessible with any Tablet or Smart-Phone, get it from: m.alarm.com.

Adaptive Learning:

Having a connected home is more than automated lights and being able to have your thermostat adjust on a timer, BandM Communcations combines your intelligent devices that are connected and makes them work together to suit your needs.

Multi-Sensor Learning: 

BandM Communcations uses several different solution that are in motion, this is how they determine your activity patterns. Then this data is used on all of your homes connected points, these connected points include: The opening of doors and windows, security sensors, arming and disarming security systems, motion activity, inactivity, and much more. The system will be able to optimize in order to meet your needs having accurate information, by letting it understand you and what you what better.

BandMCommuncations lets you predict your energy’s performance:

The use of BandM Communcations lets you monitor your energy efficiency by being able to compare temperature differences in settings, with do it yourself scheduling, it lets you see how BandM Communcations makes a difference in the energy you use, and the difference it its cost.

Command Link:

With BandM Communcations your devices are able to talk to each other. You will no longer have to reach for a different switch to command each of your devices, it will all be done through only one trigger. Yes, that absolutely correct, you’ll be able to change the setting on your thermostat,  command your lights, door locks, and all other connected devices in your home by only having one trigger to use.

Control – Personalization Engine:

If it is your home, you should be able to make your own rules. Alarm.com offers the flexibility Rules Engine, which gives you the ability to control your system down to the tee, making it do what you want. You will be able to set it up to be one way for the kids, another for yourself, and yet, another for everyone else.


With BandM Communcations you are making your house do the work that you would normally have to do. Its lets you consolidate multiple actions by custom triggering with one main control which lets you turn on and off, adjust, set timers and etc., such as the lights, thermostat, locks, and alarm system, and more. A great addition for those who are forgetful!

Instant Alerts:

Know right away when something has happened at your home. You will get a real time text and/or image report when there is any motion in the following areas of your home you will be notified, and sent a video alert:  if the doors have been unlocked, and which door it is, your home office, basement, or anywhere else you would like to be notified of when there is motion.


Just imagine how good it would feel to know that you have the ability to adjust your thermostat and have the house warm when you arrive home, or to be able to feel confident that when you leave home your house will be secure and protected with geo-fence, and you will be able to have the lights come on before you reach home as well. These things are possible through Geo-Services. The video monitoring of course, can be shut off anytime you want privacy.

Innovation and Flexibility = Constant Evolution:

It is important to keep up with the market innovation and to do that one will need to invest in having a connected home. You are able to choose from a vast supply of devices as we are partnered with the industry leaders, this puts us in the position to provide you with the best. We are continuously creating new and better technologies that offer more great features for your home. What all this means is that you will never have to worry about the garage door getting stuck, or the thermostat not working come winter.

Continuous updates:

We launch newer tech functional things to service your system on a regular basis. You’ll have access to all the latest features, it as simple as updating your app.

Add Devices:

Devices are connected by using the sophistication of cloud services, and we can add on new ones anytime they become available, all this is made possible through BandM Communications.