Commercial Automation Scottsdale AZ

Are you searching for “Commercial Automation Scottsdale” while looking for building automation specialists in the Scottsdale, Arizona area? If so, BandM Communications, LLC can help!

Commercial Automation Services

BandM communications offers the latest in commercial automation services. We can automate your business to control lights, thermostat, locks and more from your smart phone, laptop or tablet.

Seemless Integration

BandM Communications can connect as many devices in your business as you want making your building responsive and under your control. We offer a platform that will give you advanced control and total access to your business, via smartphone, laptop or tablet, while you are away.

One Smart App

Use only one top of the line app to connect to your business automation system. The easy to use app makes monitoring your business easier and much more convenient.

Mobile & Tablet Video Monitoring 

Commercial Automation Video Monitoring Scottsdale AZ

View all of your devices and connectivity on your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Be in the know at all times:

  • Custom alerts when someone enters the property or when the lights are on etc
  • Control your devices from your mobile device
  • Keep an eye on the property while away
  • View recorded or live video monitoring
  • Manage custom alerts and smart schedules you have set up

Multi-Sensor Learning

The system will actually learn your behavior, what doors you open the most, light you turn on the most etc. The system will eventually be able to optimize the order of these to meet your needs better.

Energy Performance

Commercial Automation Energy Savings Scottsdale AZ

Save more energy by scheduling lights, thermostats, etc. to automatically turn off at a certain time. You can also set your thermostats to always be the same temperature.

Command Link

With commercial automation your devices will be able to communicate with each other. You don’t have to use multiple apps to control your devices anymore. You can change settings on your thermostat, control lights, doors locks and more with 1 app.

Control – Personalization Engine

Personalization options for multiple users includes being able to set rules for different users. Have day and night shift employees? Have 2 completely different settings that can be accessed in your app.

Custom Triggers

Would you let to control more than 1 device with a single trigger? You can actually set custom triggers that will allow you to turn off and on, set timers, etc, such as thermostats, locks, alarm system, lights and more.

Instant Alerts

Business Automation Scottsdale AZ

Know when someone is entering or exiting your property instantly. You will get a real time text and image report of there is any motion after certain hours of the day. You can be sent a video alert if the doors have been unlocked, and which door it is (front, office door) or anywhere else you would like to be notified of when there is motion.


Set up your own personal GEO fence that will automatically turn on certain parts of your system when you start getting close to your business. Have the thermostat come on automatically, so that it is already warm or cool when you arrive at the office and more.

Innovation & Flexibility = Constant Evolution

We always stay in tune with market innovation so we can offer a vast number of the best commercial automation systems offered in the industry.

Continuous Updates

Commercial Business Automation Security Systems Scottsdale AZ

These commercial automation apps are making updates all the time to make the system function better and do more. Simply update your app to access all of the new features rolling out.

Add Devices

Devices are all seemingly connected by using cloud services. We can add new devices at anytime when they become available, and all these commercial automation are made possible through BandM Communications.

Schedule Your Commercial Automation In Scottsdale

5 Star Review On Google:I have used B & M Communications for my home and 2 offices now. Pat and his crew have always been extremely knowledgeable and professional. They have also always been eager to help after the job with any questions that we have had. I would highly recommend them to anyone for any security, alarm or phone system! Thank you guys for doing what you do!Cameron B.

To schedule your commercial automation in Scottsdale, give us a call today at 480-458-5540.

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