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Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

If you are searching for access control, access control installers, card access control systemsbuilding access control systems or access control systems near me in Phoenix, Tempe or Queen Creek, Arizona, B and M Communications can help! B and M Communications is a professional access control installer with years of experience in installing access control systems for commercial facility owners in the Phoenix Valley. B and M Communications, LLC offers a variety of electronic card access controls for businesses that will allow you to control and monitor who accesses your operations, facilities and offices.

Access Control Systems


Access control systems are great for:

  • Providing a safe facility for contractors, visitors and employees
  • Knowing when someone is entering or leaving your facility
  • Controlling access to highly secured areas

Know When Someone Enters & Leaves Your Facility

With your new access control system, you will always be in the know of who enters and leaves your facility, and at what time they are doing so. Looking to have access control to other areas of your facility (storage, office etc) besides just the front and back doors? Not a problem, BandM Communications can install access control systems anywhere in your facility you would like.

Providing A Safe Facility for Contractors, Visitors and Employees

Protect assets, networks, facilities and people with card access control systems.

Best Access Control System Installers 


B & M Communications can install access control systems anywhere in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area! Our expert security system installers will assist in providing the best access control systems you can find in Arizona.

Commercial & Industrial Markets We Serve:

  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Office Buildings
  • Financial Institutions
  • Medical & Healthcare facilities
  • Education campuses and facilities
  • Warehouses & Manufacturing Facilities
  • Commercial Property Management

What Type Of Access Control Does My Building Need?

This is not a “one size fits all” application, every business or commercial facility has individual needs for an access control system. Our expert team of access control installers can help you find the access control system that works best for your individual business or facility. Your system can also be integrated with your security softwarefor 24/7 monitoring via online portal or smartphone.

Types Of Building & Door Access Control Systems 

We offer a variety of solutions for secure gates, physical assets, access doors and networks.

  • Mandatory Access Control
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Discretionary Access Control
  • Rule Based Access Control
  • Commercial Access Control
  • Pin code Access Control
  • Key Card Access Control
  • Biometric Reading Access Control
  • Swipe Card Access Control

Biometric Reading Access Control

Biometric reading sensors for areas in your facility that require higher degrees of authentication.

ID Badges & Card Access Control

Create secure access ID’s for visitors, employees, and contractors

Swipe Card Access Control Systems

Swipe card access control systems use magnetic cards (mag stripe cards) that work best for standard security applications. Access is denied if the visitor does not have a magnetic swipe card. Access is granted for the those with the encoded magnetic strip card.

What Is An Access Control System?


An access control system is a type of commercial building security that controls who is allows to enter a system, area or facility. An access control system can restrict access to certain parts of your building. The building is accessible through an access card or other type of access control that much be presented/scanned/swiped at the door. There are different types of access control systems including: key card access control systems, pin code access control systems, access code access control systems, biometric reading systems and more. Learn about the different types of access building and door access control systems below.

How Do Access Control Systems Work?


For this example we will use a fab or token access control system to help you understand how access control systems work.

You Need A Card, Tag or Fab To Gain Access

In any type of access control system there is usually a card, tag or biometric signal that is needed to gain access to the facility, certain parts of the building or other highly secured areas.

Tag Must Be Scanned or Swiped Through the Reader

That tag must be presented or scanned through the reader, which is a mechanism that will send signals to the computer.

The Computer Will Grant or Restrict Access

The computer or core of the system stores all of the authorizing information and will allow access once the card, fab or token is presented to the reader.

Electro Mechanical Locks Automatically Open When Access Is Granted

The electro-mechanical lock will be unlocked once computer has sent a “grant access” signal.

Benefits Of Access Control System 

  • With access control, you can control all of your security centrally.
  • You do not have to worry about who gets in as no one that does not have an access card, pin, or other rights will be denied access.
  • With access control deleting and re-issuing a card is easy, and there will not be any worries over losing your keys.
  • No more worrying about people getting a hold of your door entry code and/or combination.
  • Having access control takes the worry out of site security with contract workers or even permanent staff members that are no longer with you.
  • Merge convenience with security by adding access control on your mobile device

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Free Access Control Installation Estimates In Phoenix, Tempe & Queen Creek


If you would like to receive a free access control installation estimate in Phoenix, give B & M Communications a call today at 480-458-5540.

Access Control Installation
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If you are searching for access control, access control installers, building access control systems or access control systems near me in Phoenix, Tempe or Queen Creek, Arizona, B and M Communications can help!