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Commercial Security Systems

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Commercial Security Companies Systems Phoenix Tempe

If you are searching for the best “Commercial Security“, “Commercial Security Company“, “Commercial Security Systems” or “Commercial Security Services” in Phoenix or Tempe, BandM Communications can help! We can also help with installation of Commercial Security Cameras. Get a free commercial security quote by giving BandM Communications a call today at 480-458-5540.

Commercial Security Services In Phoenix & Tempe

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B and M not only offers commercial security systems, but also home alarm systems. We also offer commercial access control systems, data cabling, PA systems, App control, business automation, Video camera installation, CCTV & IP cameras, network cabling, audio visual systems, and telecommunication services. We install the best commercial security systems Arizona has to offer. Give us a call today at 480-458-5540 for commercial security installation in Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, Glendale, Queen Creek, Mesa and Fountain Hills, Arizona.  Click here for our monitoring rates

Tempe Commercial Security Systems Phoenix

Commercial Low Voltage Security

B and M Communications specializes in commercial low voltage security systems for business. Control you commercial alarm system and get real time alerts. Our commercial automation systems give you total access and control of your security system from your smart phone or tablet. Read More

Commercial Security Systems Tempe AZ

Commercial Automation Services

B and M Communcation’s commercial automation services will connect many devices in your business, such as lights, locks and thermostats to be controlled from your computer, smartphone. or tablet. You will have advanced control of your commercial security system like never before. Read More

Tempe Commercial Security Companies

Security Systems by enables you to always be in the know of whats happening at your business. With our state of the art commercial alarm systems, you will be able to see live video monitoring and control your lights, locks, and thermostats from your smartphone. Giving you more control over your businesses than ever before. Read More

Commercial Security Cameras & Surveillance Systems

Commercial facility owners can rest easier with commercial video cameras and surveillance systems. They enable you to see any potential threat to your property, prevent theft and watch your employees while your out of the building. Staff is less likely to attempt stealing when they know they are being watched and recorded. Video surveillance with HD footage is even better because they can protect against false claims of employee mistreatment of sexual harassment and bogus lawsuits. If you are a commercial facility owner, it is great to know that you don’t have to be in your building 24 hours a day to feel protected and safe. Commercial security cameras let you get out of the building and into the world without missing whats going on at your facility.

Benefits Of Commercial Security Cameras

  • Keep burglars out
  • Reduce employee theft
  • Watch your business from your device 24/7
  • Monitor your business workflow
  • See who is in or outside of your building at all times
  • Lower commercial insurance cost for your building
  • Avoid frivolous lawsuits
  • Creates a safer work environment

Learn more about our Commercial Surveillance Systems here

Benefits of Commercial Security Systems

  • Has its own dedicated wireless connection – no phone or broadband line required (burglars cant cut the wire because there isn’t one, you are connected wirelessly through you system)
  • Breakthrough image sensor for visual verification
  • Patented smash and crash protection
  • Remote control of locks, lights, and thermostat
  • Outdoor & Indoor HD video cameras
  • Full suite of free mobile apps
  • Garage door automation and remote control
  • Seamless integration of all services

Commercial Security Systems Advantages

Reduce Theft 

By having a camera system professionally installed you will also be cutting down on the amount of shoplifting that goes on in your business. A professionally installer can set it up so there is a spot monitor seen by the customers as they are entering the business, which will go a long ways in the reduction of shoplifting, for when they see themselves on the spot monitor they will have second thoughts about shoplifting. Can fake security signs keep burglars out?

Lower Insurance Premiums 

Many insurance providers insist on businesses having some form of security protection for the facility before they will insure you, however, they will usually give you a bigger discount if your business is equipped with security protection for your business facility, which will lower your premiums and your monthly payments.

Keep An Eye On Your Operations

Additionally, having a camera in use would also increase employee productivity, and customer service would also benefit from them. Your employees performance will increase if they feel they are being watch, that is why the system would have to be used pro-actively, making employees feel as though the owner is watch and/or reviewing the video all the time.

Click the link to read more about the benefits of commercial security systems.

Schedule Your Commercial Security System Installation 

I have used B & M Communications for my home and 2 offices now. Pat and his crew have always been extremely knowledgeable and professional. They have also always been eager to help after the job with any questions that we have had. I would highly recommend them to anyone for any security, alarm or phone system! Thank you guys for doing what you do!Cameron B. (5 Star Review On Google)

To schedule your commercial security system installation, give us a call at the number below to set up an appointment. 

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Office Hours:

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7:30am – 4:00pm

Phone: 480-458-5540
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If you are searching for the best "Commercial Security", "Commercial Security Company", "Commercial Security Systems" or "Commercial Security Services" in Phoenix or Tempe, BandM Communications can help!