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The Many Benefits Of Residential Security Systems Phoenix, AZ

benefits of residential security systems in phoenix az

In the today’s technology usage where cellphone use is the norm and most kids have never even see a rotary phone, everything seems to be going wireless, including residential security systems. Wireless home security systems have many advantages , such as being easy to install to name one. Below are a few of other advantages to having a residential wireless home security system.

No More Wires

Security systems of the past had to be plugged into a wall and connected to a phone line. This was particular dangerous with burglars as they knew which lines to cut in order to deactivate your system. Without wireless security systems on the other hand, you home is continually monitors with phone lines or power lines. This is due to the fact that all the new wireless security systems use cellular frequencies and run on battery power that is designed to last up to 5 years or so. So, even if the burglars decide to cut your power and phone lines, your wireless system will still be activated.

Insurance Discounts

Safety = discounts with insurance companies. They reward homeowners for having a residential security systems, lived in gated communities, or are part of a HOA (Home owners association). However, installing a security system will give you the biggest discount, sometimes up to 20% off of your bill. The more safety you install, the more money you put back in your pocket.

Smart Alerts

One of the most important features of new wireless residential security systems is that you are able to connect, view and monitor your system through your tablet or smartphone. When the alarm is set off, you receive an instant notification and emergency personal will be sent if warranted. With quicker notifications, you wont have to worry about police or fire department wasting time to get a hold of you and notify you about someone breaking into your property, you will already know. After connecting with emergency contacts and your monitoring service provides, you will be able to get your home back in working order, or continue your day with the assurance that your safety and home is in good hands.

Live Monitoring

If you connect your tablet or cellphone to your wireless surveillance system, you will also be able to live monitor the system yourself. You will be able to watch live feeds from your video cameras you have set up around your home. Cameras outside can help let you know if someone is hanging around your property, or notify you when your children arrive home or leave. Cameras inside are perfect for monitoring caregivers to make sure your loved ones are treated with dignity and respect while you are out.

Automating Your Home

Home automation is an awesome new feature that is growing in popularity. You are able to turn lights on or off, disarm or arm your security system, and lock and unlock doors without taking a single step on the floor. Not only that, but you are also able to adjust the thermostat in your home. Expecting a 110 degree day in Phoenix? No, problem, just set the thermostat lower before leave work and nice cold air should be waiting for you once you get home. These controls are also helpful when you are not away from the home. You can use these controls while lying in bed or sitting in the office without even having to get up.

Wireless residential security systems are a great all-around tool for controlling your home, and protecting the ones you love.

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